We do believe that your trust is strongly connected to our guarantee for the proper protection of your personal information. One of the most important tasks for the company is to create and implement the physic, electronic and procedural security norms in order to maintain your trust.

The police of the information protection, based on not only local standards, but also the international ones, guarantee the security, confidentiality, and protection form loosing, improper use and destruction of private information. Although, our system is well equipped with the high standard security norms, it is essential you, as the user, to protect norms. In order to secure the users, we give the following recommendations to them: to visit our web site, please print in the browser:

Our recommendation is, not to use other ways for entering into the system. Be prudent with spam letters. Do not download or open the links, until you ensure for their trustiness. Attention: be extremely prudent with the letters, which asks for your personal information. The company will never ask you for the personal information via e-mail. Do not divulge your name and password. None of your worker will ask you to share the password. Do not write and keep your name and password into the computer. We advise you to renew your password regularly. If you have the doubt about the use of your information in the control panel, and this information is compromised, please change the password immediately or connect us. Please, always go out from the system, using the bottom sign out. Install anti-virus or other protective programs in your computer and check regularly all files to find out the possible viruses. Renew regularly the operative system of your computer and the program of the web browser in order to protect the computer.

In case you receive doubtful massage about the company, or find out the false web-site of our company or just have any kind of question connected to the security norms and confidentiality, please contact us.