Transferring money from the Europe-bet account directly to your banking account is possible sitting at home. Money withdrawal is also possible at Europe-bet branches (See the Addresses) as well as regional Unipay payment offices (See the Addresses) In order to withdraw money to your banking account it is necessary to be registered at www.unipay.ge and attach your banking account which will be automatically reflected on the account of the Europe Bet enabling you to make immediate withdrawals. Please refer to the instructions of money withdrawal to your banking account. As for making withdrawals from payment offices please visit the Europe Bet branches or regional partner Unipay offices and claim the withdrawal. It is necessary that you present your identification document or passport to the operator and indicate the amount in words you wish to withdraw. Once the information is processed the amount will be withdrawn from the balance. Sign the payment order and receive the money.

TBC Visa

Now you can already withdraw amount you won to your VISA card. Withdrawal is available on VISA card, from which at least once you have added funds to your account. Transaction is available for both Georgian and International (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) visa cards.

Press withdrawal button. You will be redirected to VISA page. In the box type the amount you want to withdraw and choose card number. After that, press SUBMIT button. The amount will be transferred to you card in a moment.

Notice the limits for Georgian and Foreign cards: you can withdraw from 20 to 500 GEL once and 2 000 GEL during 24 hours.

If you have any problems with transaction please contact your cards issuer bank.


In case of withdrawal from non-verified eMoney account you are kindly requested to note that your money will be available in 5 calendar days.

For non-verified users:

  • They cannot transfer money to the bank account.
  • No business service shall be available.
  • They will not be able to manage the transactions for more than 1000 GEL a month
  • The money transferred from the Bet Shop will be transferred with 48-72 hours delay
  • There may be established different types of restriction or prohibition for any particular service
  • The above restrictions will be withdrawn for the verified user

eMoney account may be verified in the following ways:

  • Make verification in the branches and service of the "Liberty Bank".
  • Withdraw your eMoney amount from the ATMs of the "Liberty Bank " with your ID card.
  • Take PAY CARD (S simple, Fortuna ) and attach your eMoney account to your PAY cards.

If online games and gambling are prohibited in your country you don’t have rights to use this service with your card.

Result of unfair or aimless usage of balance:

If someone uses his/her balance on Europe-bet in unfair or aimless way, which means adding funds to balance using any electronic systems or other methods and not using the balance in game, “Chempionebi 111” leaves the right to:

  • On the first time of using balance in unfair or aimless way, the person will be blocked from balance operations on the 48 hours period.
  • On the second time of using balance in unfair or aimless way, the person will be charged fine in 10% amount of the money he withdraws.
  • On the third time of using balance in unfair or aimless way, the person will be blocked on lifetime period.